Creating Change in Your Life

Transforming ministries to scale through unity (Leaders, Teams, Leaders + Teams). Three packages to work with leaders of teams with details and how to purchase.

Changing Leaders to Change the World

I have known for a long time that God has called me to make a difference. Imagine how delighted I was when I found out that my name, Kara, in Hebrew means ‘Called of God’! Kara Kingdom is a gathering of people who have been called to make a difference in this world.
Inspired by a passion for integrity and truth in leadership, Kara Kingdom will undertake an audit of your leadership model and look at your processes. At the same time, we’ll provide transformation strategies which help your team to execute and achieve unity using our tried and tested process:

Our Process


Ideation, creativity and brainstorming exercises with key stakeholders to capture the vision and core objectives of the initiative.


Human Centered Design allows everyone’s voice to be heard, which facilitates team “buy in” to the overall strategic direction.


Utilising tools and techniques to identify organizational and resource knowledge gaps, we facilitate training and knowledge transfer to build team confidence.


Customized templates of proven methodologies that assist in supporting companies with sustainable change.


Implementation of the initiative along with measurable KPI, reporting framework and a feedback loop for continued process improvement.

As well as transforming church management and bringing unity, Kara Kingdom reaches out to those who have a spiritual background and are doing well in the corporate realm but know that they need to get into contact with God again.

Kara Sakina is certified by the CaPP Institute of Coaching and Positive Psychology in Personal Development Coaching, the SCRUM Alliance as an AGILE Scrum Master, Certified John Maxwell DISC Behavioral Assessment Trainer and Leadership Coach, Certified Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer for the Nehemiah Project
Kara Kingdom helps leaders create change in their own lives and in their ministries.

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