Creating Change in Your Life

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Kara Life is all about lifestyle enhancement and getting better, not bitter!

“I wish I knew how to be a different way.”
A lot of women have asked me how I managed to turn my life around in such a short space of time and what motivated me to do it. So, how did I adopt a positive perspective and start to focus on making positive changes to my lifestyle?
And, just how did I go from looking like this….. to looking like this? And how did I grow in confidence?
I grew up in a churchgoing family and I served at church from an early age. I gained a background in consultancy and twenty years experience in almost every sector of commerce, as well as becoming a qualified coach. 

Kara Life is for people who desire to come up higher and see life from a positive perspective. There is so much more in life to discover and we can do so together. Restore your relationship with God, yourself and others. So come on, tune in and level up!


Explore the latest video content from KaraNation and become inspired to create lasting change!
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